HOKA Sydney Half Marathon!

Are you running the HOKA Sydney Half Marathon this weekend?


Tips for rainy races:

1. Train through all conditions for races, so if it rains on the day, you will be familiar with running in the rain.
2. Run slower, the ground will be more slippery.
3. Try to run with a hat to not get water directly in your eyes or on your glasses.
4. During the race carry an extra pair of socks (in a small plastic bag/running belt/running vest) so when you finish the race you swap yours and keep your feet dry to avoid blisters.
5. Stay dry as long as possible while you are waiting for the race to start. If possible, stay undercover close to the start. Put on a poncho or garbage bag, that will keep you dry and will also stop the wind or cold.
6. Try to avoid cotton or loose fitting clothes and wear something light. It will soak up water and make your clothes heavy to run in. Choose clothing layers that are moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and breathable to keep you comfortable and dry while out for long periods. Make sure your socks are designed for running. Cotton socks will soak up water and make your shoes extremely heavy.
7. Unless it’s winter, less clothes will be better than a waterproof jacket so you will run more comfortably. Only if it’s cold then wear a rain jacket that’s both waterproof and windproof, but preferably breathable, so that you don’t overheat.
8. As soon as you finish the race, unless you have dry clothes at the end, go home ASAP and get warm and dry to not get sick.
9. I would wear waterproof shoes for other situations, but not for rainy running sessions or races. They are waterproof however they are less breathable and heavier than other shoes. On top of that if you get water inside of the shoe, your feet will get completely wet and the water won’t go away easily.
10. If you bring your phone, put it in a small plastic bag to keep it dry.
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